First Aid Training and Frequently Answered Questions

I want to become a first aid instructor? I have a recognised trainer qualification which course is best for me?

If you already hold the Level 3 Award in Education and Training qualification or higher teaching or train the trainer qualification, the best course for you is the First Aid at Work Instructor Course this course includes the Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work and focuses on building confidence in the subject first aid and teaches you how to demonstrate and teach first aid specifically.

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I am a registered Paramedic, Nurse or already have a current first aid at work certificate which course is the best for me?

If you are confident in all aspects of adult first aid and have a current first aid at work certificate (3 day) and have strong first aid skills, or if you are a UK paramedic (HPC) or nurse (NMC) with current registration, you can choose to do our First Aid Trainer course which combines the ITG First Aid Instructor Qualification with the Level 3 Award in Education and Training .

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Some Companies are offering a 1 day First Aid Instructor Course do you?

Absolutely not, we have been delivering these courses for many years. Our trainers often provide training for other companies, this is because our certificate is a reputable one and we do not believe that it is possible for candidates to learn the regulations and skills needed to deliver a quality first aid at work or emergency first aid at work course in one day.

I want to be able to offer Paediatric First Aid is this included?

ITG have always included Paediatric first aid instructor as part of their first aid trainer/instructor courses, as we believe instructors should have a thorough all-round knowledge of first aid.

What training materials do I get with my course?

With your course you will receive a comprehensive ITG Instructor Manual

Do you offer Level 3 Award in Education and Training ?

ITG offer the Level 3 Award in Education and Training and higher level courses for more information please call us on 01206 805380

When I have qualified how often do I need to retrain as a first aid instructor?

Your instructor certificate does not expire, however you will need to keep a chronological list showing all of the courses you teach and the dates. An annual skill evaluation is also required, during this evaluation you will need to be assessed while delivering a real first aid course to real learners. If you register with ProTrainings, this can be done by a suitably qualified instructor near you.

What equipment will I need?

If you want to deliver First Aid at Work courses for the maximum number of candidates per instructor (12 persons) you will need to have 3 adult manikins under the HSE regulations. If you want to teach Paediatric First Aid you will also need infant and child manikins. You will need various first aid items, we have recommended instructor kits available which you can start with and add to over time. For more information please go to this site is designed and prices are at discounted rates for instructors

I want to work as a freelance instructor, how will I find customers for my courses?

You will need to market online and locally to attract business, If you register with ProTrainings you can list your courses on their website, they also have a blog where work is passed onto instructors, but as with any business you will need to put in the effort needed to make sure that you succeed.

Payment of 50% is due for all Level 3 Award in Education and Training Combined ITG First Aid Instructor Courses and ITG First aid instructor courses. Full payment is due on booking for all other courses.

Please make sure that you will be able to attend before booking as we do not refund deposits or full payment for cancellations, please see our terms and conditions.