Training First Aid in House

Business choose to provide their first aid and health and safety training in house for logistical and financial reasons. This enables them to train more staff valuable first aid skills without increasing costs.

Training in house also makes arranging training easier and ensures consistency in the quality of training being delivered.

How many times have you arranged training only to lose money because staff are unable to attend the training they are booked on?

We can train staff to be able to deliver professional quality first aid training that meets the new requirements and provide ongoing training support 

The Problem - Many companies are reluctant to train in house for the following reasons:-

  • They do not have any staff who have the first aid experience and knowlege of the regulations to prepare the training materials and courses for First Aid and Health and Safety courses.
  • They are unsure that the courses they will provide give them the quality of training they require to cover all of their responsibilites under the Health and Safety Legislation.
  • Many companies do not have access to an internal verifier and cannot provide the robust quality assurance that is required whenever first aid at work training is being delivered.

The Solution - ProTrainings

  • The courses are already written and meet all of the required learning outcomes.
  • You will be taught how to use the ProTrainings teaching system, all of the leg work has already been done, ITG Provide a comprehensive instructor manual
  • ProTrainings provide their centres with guidance notes, powerpoint presentations and there are free digital student books available to all of our centres.
  • You will be issuing your staff with a qualification that meets the requirements, so you can rest assured that you are covering all of your obligations regarding First Aid, internal verification and quality assurance.
  • We will monitor you and ensure that you are teaching inline with current legislation and keeping your records and running your courses in accordance with the HSE guidelines.
  • We offer ongoing support
  • Protrainings registered centres receive FREE updates to all instructor materials and PowerPoint presentations

If you would like more information please email us at the above address or call us on 01206 805380 

Companies receive generous discounts for On-line courses

All ITG Trained instructors who are registered with Protrainings receive generous discounts for any of the online course available, we can help you reduce the cost of your training with our range of health and safety and first aid video based e-learning courses.