Starting your own First Aid Business

Since October 2013 the HSE no longer directly approves or monitors First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work Training Providers.

As a result employers can no longer check that the training they are receiving is accredited purely by checking that the name on the training organisation providing their certification is on the HSE website.

It is the employers responisbilty to prove due diligence when selecting a first aid training provider, they need to check that the requirements relating to quality assurance and tracability of qualifications and the qualifications of the instructor delivering the courses are met.

One option which would provide employers with more confidence is to offer certifications through a larger third party training organisation which would enable them to reassure their customer that there training is still monitored and approved.

ProTrainings is able to offer this service to training providers, they will continue to monitor and support trainers as they have been doing under the HSE regulations and ensure that their instructors always meet the requirements and can prove that the quality assurance procedures required are in place.

This means that smaller training providers can have the support, free updates to training materials, free marketing and student manuals and be provided with leads and the various other benefits ProTrainings centres receive without having to lay out large sums of money for registration.

If you are interested in registering with an organisation that offers you more than just certificates, ProTrainings is the right choice for you.

How do I become a ProTrainings Centre?

ITG Trained instructors can request an application form before, during or after their course. Instructors who have been trained by other organisations are welcome and would need to click on the link below to complete the online registration form, you will also need to upload copies of the following:-

First Aid Instructor / Trainer Qualification
Copy of Current HSE Approved or 3 Day First Aid at Work Certificate or proof of registrations for HPC (Paramedic) NMC (Registered Nurse) 

A comprehensive Portfolio of Evidence detailing experience and a chronological list of all courses taught within the last 12 months. 

ProTrainings do not charge a registration fee however they do ask for an upfront payment for certificate credits, An annual minimum spend is required.

ProTrainings offer
  • Free ongoing monitoring and training support
  • Free PowerPoint Presentations and lesson guides
  • Free updates to training materials (above)
  • Monitor and track your employees training from one dashboard
  • Automatic update for the instructor's Portfolio of Evidence
  • Track every certificate
  • Forms required for running courses, quality control
Training Providers/Individuals receive all of the above and
  • Leads and day rate work.
  • Free course advertising
  • Your logo on the certificates
  • Earn from commissions
  • Offer blended training
  • Register as an evaluator
  • Offer more to your customers
  • A free Blog and access to work advertised on our main blog site