How do I become a first aid trainer and other questions

Delivering First Aid at Work Training

ITG works in partnership with ProTrainings Europe Ltd who offer free updates to all training materials and a fully automated certification and monitoring service to any instructor who has completes their training with ITG and certifies through ProTrainings.

We make sure that the instructors who are registered with us are using up to date materials by making free upgrades to the PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans and course notes that candidates receive during their ITG Training Course, these are made available by download from their own instructor dashboard.

We provide all of the forms and information you need to ensure that you are teaching and keeping records in-line with the new HSE requirements we will monitor and offer all of the support that you need. 

All courses taught by instructors are registered on the system, this enables a fully traceable system where each individual certification can be traced and verified online.

Instructor's Portfolios of Evidence are automatically updated every time they teach a course and can be printed out at any time.

Certificates are purchased and ordered online and you can upload your logo (ProTrainings certificates)so that it appears at the top of the certificate, this way you can offer a certificate that meets the new guidelines. while protecting your own brand.

All students taught by you can receive their own individual login which allows them to opt to receive a free weekly video refresher and download a free comprehensive PDF student manual for their course, they will also be reminded to contact you when their training is due for renewal.

Companies and Instructors registered with Protrainings receive generous discounts when purchasing any of our e-learning courses. 

Advertise your Courses on our network of websites Free for all Centres

If you are starting a first aid business, want to become a freelance instructor or want to add first aid training to the list of courses you already provide you will be comforted to know that Protrainings only offer certifications and online courses, we unlike most others do not offer the same courses you do , this eliminates any conflict of interest and means that Protrainings passes all leads and work onto the Instructors who are registered with us. 

Ask yourself one question, if the company you are registering with offers First Aid at Work courses and Emergency First Aid courses are they going to pass on this business to you? 

You can list the courses you are teaching on the websites so that potential customers can search by course type and postcode, you can also earn money evaluating blended courses, assessing and commissions for selling e-learning.

We also run remote workshops to help instructors increase their web presence using social media

For more information about starting your own first aid business please click here

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Other Courses

There are a number of other courses available for you to teach, if you hold a Level 3 Award in Education and Training qualification or higher, you can register to certify a number of different courses through Protrainings (subject to relevant qualification gained in each individual subject you would like to teach) if you are interested please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in our PET First Aid instructor course please call 01206 805380 for more information.